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DRM Bridge Planning and Production Reference

LG Policy Presentation [LG Policy Presentation] / Woongjin Coway [Woongjin Coway]

Diablo 3 Opening

HERMES [Hermes] / Ebay Korea

B2ST Concert [BEAST Concert] / Samsung Card [Samsung Card]

MBC I Do I Do [Drama] /  Chanel

Musical Hamlet [Musical Hamlet] / Yakult [Yakult]

Pop Opera Opening Party [Pop Opera Opening]

Lotte Duty-Free Family Concert [Lotte Duty Free Family Concert]

Daewoo Shipbuilding [Daewoo Shipbuilding]

Daybreak Concert [Daybreak Concert]

Calvin Klein Show [Calvin Klein] /  Musical Award [Musical Award]

All That Skate 2012 [Kim Yuna Ice Show] /  JIMFF [Jecheon International Music Film Festival]

Seoul Philhamonic Orchestra Concert [Seoul City Hall Concert]

KB Bank [Kookmin Bank] / Woori Bank [Woori Bank]


Adidas [Adidas] / Leessang Concert / [Leessang Concert]

Star League [Star League] /  Superstar K4, 2012 [Superstar K4]

The Grand Heist, 2012 Gone with the Wind [Movie VIP Premiere]


WCC [World Nature Congress] / LIG / Sistar Concert [Sistar Concert]

2012 New Start Concert PSY (Psy Concert)

Masquerade, 2012 The Man Who Became King of Gwanghae [Movie VIP Premiere]

Korean Spirit Festival [Hongik Korea Grand Festival]

GGK [Global Gathering Korea] /  Joyolpark [Joyolpark]

Seoul Fireworks Festival [Seoul Fireworks Festival]

JIJF [Jarasum International Jazz Festival]

Busan Fireworks Festival

Chungbuk Sports Festival [Chungbuk Provincial Sports Festival]

Jardin De Chouette [Jardin De Chouette]

Daybreak Concert [Daybreak Concert]

Perfect Sound Concert


UMF [Ultra Music Festival] / Urban Zakapa Concert [Urban Zakapa Concert]

Eunmee Lee Concert [Lee Eun-mi Concert] / Jay Park Concert [Park Jae-beom Concert]

Glen Check Concert

I Love THE 90's Concert [Youth Night Concert]

Kim Jeong Hoon Mobius Strip in SEOUL Concert

Love 911, 2012 Banchangko [Movie VIP Premiere]

The Year's Journey Concert

DRKGONG Concert [YB & Leessang Concert]


One act [One act] / Instyle [Instyle]

2013 at Dallas Majestic Theater Concert [Gunwi Resurrection Concert]


KET Establishment Ceremony [KET Establishment Ceremony]

Gucci [Gucci] / Dunhill [Dunhill] /  HERMES [Hermes]

“Iron Man” Movie Premiere [Iron Man Premiere]

JUNO Hair Show  Samsung Life

WDF [World DJ Festival] / All That Skate 2013 [Yuna Kim Ice Show]


06 Rainbow Festival [Rainbow Festival] /  AVEDA [Aveda]

Idiotape Show [Idiotape Show] /  BML [Beautiful Mint Life]

Chungbuk Sports Festival [Chungbuk Provincial Sports Festival] / Chanel [Chanel]

Superstar K5, 2013 [Superstar K5]


Remnant [Remnant] / R16 KOREA [World B-Boy Masters]

2013 at Dallas Majestic Theater Concert [Resurrection Concert Seongju]


JIMFF [Jecheon International Music Film Festival]

Daybreak Concert [Daybreak Concert]


KARA Showcase [Kara Showcase] / Burberry [Burberry]

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, 2013 [Shadow Hunters: City of Bones VIP Premiere]


The 94th National Sports Festival – Incheon / [National Sports Festival-Incheon] / KUHO [Guho]

G-market Concert [Gmarket] / Joyolpark [Joyolpak]

VIXX Concert [VIXX Concert] /  GGK [Global Gathering Korea]

2013 at Dallas Majestic Theater Concert [Resurrection Concert Gimje]

Music of the Night Concert

The KOREA Musical Awards [Korea Musical Awards]


Redbull BC1 [Red Bull BC1] / VIXX Concert [VIXX Concert]

Guinness [Guinness] / Before Sunrise Concert [Juk Concert]


12 DSP Concert [DSP Concert] / KDB Daewoo [KDB Daewoo Securities]

Gom TV HOT6 Cup [Gom TV Hot Six Cup] / Golden Glove [Golden Glove]

Maxim Korea 2014 Launching [Maxim Magazine 2014 Launching]

Way Back Home, 2013 [Road Home VIP Premiere]

MCN Café C'est si bon Concert








And many more 

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