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DRMBRIDGE is a complex entertainment that combines ENT and MCN

under the mission of "Let's put effort and sincerity in every moment of 'Scene"

and is a company that aims to innovate business model.

Starting with album release and distribution, performance planning

and directing, By building metaverse, distribution, live commerce,

BTL planning, PR marketing, etc.

We have our own ONE-LINE system and infrastructure.

DRMBRIDGE aims to maximize each company's capabilities through

collaboration with three Bridge Company affiliates

and subsidiaries to enable explosive growth.

DRMBRIDGE, which consists of a segmented system and experts

in each field, puts 'content' leading global trends, artist 'growth', and

consumer 'satisfaction' as our top priority.

We are also striving to become a representative

company of complex entertainment through high standards

and constant improvement.

CEO l Won Sang LEE



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Bruce Jeong is the deputy CEO of EULOGIAN Foundation.

Bruce Jeong County lead of Aspire Investment LLC and main business is  developments in the areas of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and METAVERSE with NFT , 
And  Bruce Jeong will be going to attempt to unite the crypto world through their M&A scheme, the launch of online e-commerce platform and the NFT SYSTEMS. 

Bruce Jeong is an esteemed solicitor, a chartered accountant, and the Korean representative of the International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB). 

Over the course of the years, Bruce Jeong has become a well-respected personality in the blockchain community and has been invited as a speaker in blockchain and crypto conferences all around the world

Bruce is also a regular contributor and author of Coin magazine and Crypto Press and CoinTelegraph. 



South Korean born, Bruce Jeong graduated from the Curtin University and Macquarie University in law and accountancy. 

Bruce started his career in the financial industry in 2001 as a Senior Project Manager in a firm called Private Equity based in Australia. 
After 5 years of service, he joined the New York Consulting Group and served as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for 6 years.

In 2014, Bruce joined token company Fundshing, where he helped the company grow to support startups and consultancy services wherever these were needed.

In late 2019, Bruce Jeong Deputy CEO of EULOGIAN Group. A company that aims to unite the cryptocurrency world. Their major activities include investing both their resources and guidance on blockchain companies, integrating blockchain technology, finding global standard developers, and so on.

Eulogian Foundation follows a M&A scheme to integrate other cryptocurrencies and help them grow thanks to their expertise and network.
In parallel, Bruce Jeong has become a well-respected personality in the blockchain community. 



Bruce Jeong strongly believes in “uniting the cryptocurrency world,” which is the summation of EULOGIAN Foundation ’s vision. He and the rest of the organization aim to merge with and provide blockchain and security development to over 500+ blockchain companies, as well as to integrate blockchain technology globally.

Bruce and his company is now exploring an innovative concept: smart crypto cities and MedicalMetaverseCITYas well.

As he recently said in an interview on intelligenthq: “In one given smart crypto and Medical city, the government would choose one specific technology as a mean of exchange to use within the smart city and Medicak ecosystem. This  blockchain and cryptocurrency can be used for everything





​[ Movement to realize your dreams ]

A project to turn your ideal into reality.
DRMBRIDGE always makes the
best choice to be the bridge of your dreams.



We are confident company
about the future.

We are confident.
DRMBRIDGE are Korea's top new media company,
world-class group, that can transform the world
into a pleasant place by creating content through
innovative methods and artistic senses.



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